Rediscover the Artist Within



We give you the time, space and inspiration to create.


Maker creative workshops are a craft night for the YYC community. Come join a group of like-minded individuals craving a place and space to make awesome things.

How does it work? We open a poll of 3 potential crafts, you vote on the craft you'd like to make; that becomes our next workshop. We facilitate the event providing all supplies, social and loose instruction - it's all about letting your creativity run wild. 

Rediscover your artist within at the trendiest & best restaurants in our city. 


Really fun night. Our host was super supportive and encouraging.
— Ceara
Amazing. So much fun to meet new people and be creative!
— Alison L.
Better than I expected! Well organized, knowledgeable, energetic, booze, fun table mates. Keep being awesome.
— Jared D.
It was fun! I had a blast.
— Alexandra P.