Intro to Mehndi

Have you ever been in awe of how artists are able to create such intricate and beautiful designs simply using a tube of henna? Now is your chance to find out the tips and tricks henna artists use to create beautiful works of mehndi while learning about it's fascinating roots, medicinal properties and the rich culture behind it.


Henna Ingredients

Henna Recipe

Included in your 'Art of Mehndi' manual is an exclusive henna recipe used by the experts to create your very own natural henna from scratch which is a proven formula to give you all the health benefits of henna while leaving dark, beautiful, rich stains. 



Get your very own set of 3 henna cones to practice and play with or take home for later! (One cone can adorn up to 10+ hands). Don't feel like this is enough to get you through the summer festival season? Simply purchase more cones at the bottom of the ticket checkout page.

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Fresh Henna

When you create your beautiful designs, you will see a brownish/greenish paste on the skin. 

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After Removal

The longer you keep the paste on, the darker the stain will be! We recommend a minimum of 2 hours, but some people sleep with it on overnight!

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3 Days After Removal

Henna is like magic! The stain will darken over the next 24-72 hours into a rich reddish/brownish colour.

The Zingara Way

Kathryn Kozody is the henna artist behind Zingara. After receiving a poor henna tattoo at the Stampede (we've all been there!), she picked up a henna tube, immersed herself in learning the rich cultural background and never looked back. 

Find her full portfolio at or by following @thezingaraway on Instagram. Book a private appointment for yourself or a girls night here

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