We have a true passion for creativity
and bringing people together.






Van Gogh once said, “An artist is just the child that survived”. Sarah and I somehow managed to keep this inner artist alive – creating things was the common interest that founded our friendship all those years ago in - believe it or not - kindergarten. We go way back.

We started Maker to share this passion with people just like you. We encourage and offer a safe space for you to “discover the artist within” while trying your hand at new, cool art forms regardless of skill level. Our mission is to take the fear out of  “being a creative person” and the expectation out of perfectionism. Our goal is to show adults in particular, that they are still capable of creative expression; it all simply starts with being open, letting go, and just being willing to try.

We encourage you to come out and see what we’re all about. We roll a little bit different than any other art or craft workshops out there; but hey, we think different is pretty awesome.

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Business Director | Co-founder | Facilitator  

Maker gave me a platform to make my 'jack-of-all-trades' nature an asset. I'm an artist, creator, soul searcher and wild child.


Creative Director | Co-founder | Facilitator

What I love most about Maker is it gives me the opportunity to learn and be creative.