Flower Crowns


Guest post from Calgary-based blogger, Beth McIntyre and her experience at our Flower Crown workshop. 

Whether you have a wedding to attend, a parade you are starring in, a music festival you’re going to, or a Wednesday you have to get through, flower crowns are the most magical way to spice things up. You can buy them at online or in stores, but what better way to ensure you have the perfect flower crown than to make it yourself? Kat and Sarah, the cofounders of Maker YYC know all to well the feeling of seeing someone in a flower crown and thinking, “I would look so good in a flower crown. I should make a flower crown,” and so they invited the maker community to a ‘How to Make a Flower Crown’ workshop. Because YOU need more flower crowns in your life.

On July 5, my magical friend Kelsey and I joined the throngs of other wannabe fairy kings and queens at Wurst on 4th St. SW. When we entered, we were greeted excitedly by Kat and Sarah, both donning their own handmade flower crowns. Seven or eight tables covered in flowers of all colours, shapes, and sizes, lined the side of the room and the whole space was all a buzz with the excitement of crafters readying to craft. Kelsey and I took our seats and introduced ourselves to Danielle and Paige, our new Maker friends.

The workshop began and we were given no boundaries, only some suggestions (make a flower crown, not a giant rose bush for your head). Each person went their own way with their crowns— some stuck with certain colours, a blue crown, a yellow crown, a white crown, some chose to make crowns with no flowers at all, and stuck to leaves, and some, like me, just said to heck with it and added any colour and any size flower they felt like. It is amazing what people can create if they are given the tools and a space to create.

The flower crowns that evolved were nothing short of stunning. Kelsey’s was big and red and had a very flamenco theme. Paige made one with big, colourful flowers all the way around her head, Danielle’s was daintier and looked like it had been placed on her head by woodland creatures. We all looked like we were ready to spend some time in the forest hanging out with fairies and elves. I decided I will wear my flower crown around the house because it makes me feel so damn decadent. Kelsey and I both wore our crowns to Safeway after the workshop to buy groceries, because why not feel magical when picking out ingredients?

Beth is a local blogger, avid traveller and constant busy bee finding all the rad stuff to do around our awesome city. Check out what she's up to next at wherethefisbeth.com!